Painting Concrete

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Distinctive Concrete Concepts is changing the Epoxy Industry with decorative concrete floor paint! We manufacture and install all of our own interior concrete coatings and materials. Our UV Stable 100% Solids Industrial Grade Epoxy Clear is extremely versatile and perfect for garage floors, countertops, airplane hangars, offices, shops, clinics and MANY more options when it comes to painting concrete! Our UV Stable Clear concrete coating is extremely tough and durable, glossy, efficient, and even anti-microbial.

Distinctive Concrete Concepts UV Stable Clear Base Coat/Top Coats are non-yellowing, peel, and slow wearing. Other Epoxy concrete paints and low-quality hardware store brands yellow and amber in sunlight. Watching our paint dry is a beautiful thing when it comes to the drying times, paint job, or you're justing looking to seal concrete. Our bonding primer for concrete patching is a must when it comes to prep work to ensure the paint job quality beneath the coats of paint.

Distinctive Concrete's Exclusive UV Stable Clear is glossy and beautiful. With proper painting tools and an 18" paint roller, coats of paint could be applied at a thinner spread rate for more of a matte finish without jeopardizing the quality. For vet clinics, tattoo shops, and doctors offices, for example, we sell and install our UV Stable Anti-Microbial Epoxy concrete paint. This allows for easy cleaning of animal feces and to assure the environment is sterile and bacteria free.

Worried about the floor being slippery? Not to worry! We can apply a Nonskid additive concrete surface to assure a slip-resistant, finished concrete floor.

Our exclusive high quality, low scratch UV Stable product is available at $112.25 per gallon, with the same coverage as our ‘Do it Yourself’ kits we supply, including free shipping, start at $336.75 for the 3-gallon kit, and $1,683.75 for the 15-gallon kit.

UV Stable Product $112.25 per gallon

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