How long does it typically take for your materials to cure?
Cure times are anywhere from 2 to 10 hours depending on specific material purchased and temperatures.
How many days does it take for me to receive my material order?
An order takes 3-5 business for our customers to receive.
How do I prepare the concrete floor prior to material installation?
We recommend concrete grinding with diamond blades or shot blasting. The preparation procedure will depend on the thickness of the coating. For thin coatings, you will need to grind for thicker Coatings, you can shot blast. Shot blasting will leave grooves in concrete that may show through the coating after it is installed. Grinding has always been the best.
How many square feet coverage do your materials get?
100% Solids Epoxy is installed at 200 sq. ft. per gallon, Urethanes at 350 - 450 sq. ft. per gallon. You can also use our 100% Solids Epoxy as a thick slurry self leveling coating system and can be installed at 30 sq. ft. per gallon.
Where can I get the tooling needed to install my material?
Any tooling needed to install your material can be purchased through us at cost. ( Tooling kits coming soon)
Can I return any unused material?
Yes, any leftover material can be sent back to us. We charge a 40% restocking fee plus the cost of shipping.
Do you travel?
We professionally install and travel all over the country. As owners, we are on every installation.
What is the recommended temperature for material installation?
We recommend that all Coatings be installed in at least 64 degree temperatures and above. The colder the temperatures, the longer the coating takes to cure. The hotter the temperatures, the faster the material will cure.
After the part A and part B materials are mixed together, how long do I have to work with the material?
The colder the temperatures, the longer the coating takes to cure. The hotter the temperatures, the faster they cure. The products also cure faster in large quantities so you will want to mix smaller batches until you get more familiar with the product. Epoxies cure slower once they are poured out of the mixed bucket.
How long do I have to wait to put my items back onto the installed floor?
You can walk on the installed floor 24 hours after installation. You can move your items GENTLY and without dragging, back onto the floor , 48-72 hours depending on outside temperatures. The cooler the temperature, the longer it takes the materials to cure.
What are the mix ratios?
Mix ratios vary between products. Our 100% solids epoxy and our urethane is 2 to 1 mix ratio. Please be sure and read every product data sheet to verify its mix ratio.
What is the shelf life on your products?
As long as Part A and Part B are not mixed together, The shelf life of all of our products is 1 year.
How will I know how to install each product?
You can view each product data sheet on our website. Installation instructions are also sent with every purchase. You can also talk with someone in tech-support 7 days a week.